Communicate Your Faith

“Communicate Your Faith” is a series of booklets, each with it’s own challenges to complete. This program is designed to allow you to start at the most basic, entry-level place and begin slowly, step-by-step, growing in both your knowledge and ability by learning how to effectively and confidently share your faith with others.

Begin with Challenge #1, in booklet #1 (Beginner), and as soon as you have completed the final challenge in that booklet, have the Pastor or Assistant Pastor sign it before moving to the next booklet. May God bless you as you learn to communicate your faith!

**Note: The “Communicate Your Faith” program was originally developed by Dr. R.B. Ouellette. He has graciously given permission to other churches to change it and use it as they see fit. So, the logo, booklet covers, and some of the contents were re-designed by our pastor to fit the needs of our church. Thank you, Dr. Ouellette for allowing us to use this!